//I am fearfully and wonderfully made Phone Case

I am fearfully and wonderfully made Phone Case


  • The perfect hard phone case that will keep you smiling all day!
  • Matted Finish
  • Supports over 40 Phone Models
  • Impact resistance PBT Plastic
  • Proceeds for every other phone case sold will be donated to Compact’s Transitional Living Center (Click to learn more)

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Product Description

What does it mean to be fearfully and wonderfully made?

It means that God put all of his effort into making you.

God made you fearfully.
Like an artist who precisely crafts his masterpiece into perfection,
God carefully made every inch of you into beauty.

God made you wonderfully.
God gave his best when he made you.
You are his best work of art, his creation.

You were crafted into wonders.
What you see as imperfections are God’s perfections.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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