A Love That Knows No End

by | Feb 9, 2015

As much as we desire for a problem-free perfect life, it just never happens that way. Life always has its bumps, but the good news is that we can always depend on a God who always has his open hands full of love and hope. There have been many times in my life where I have felt so helpless and full of guilt from the past mistakes I’ve made, but from my past mistakes and experiences I have learned the true meaning of God’s unconditional love for us.

We can never truly understand God’s unconditional love for us unless we go through trials and pain. Always use your troubles and pain to your advantage. As long as you have God, there is always hope available for you. Use your mistakes as a workout and come out stronger. God is good yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His love stays the same and it will never run dry for us. Psalm 100:5 says, “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” As long as you don’t take advantage of God’s unconditional love, you can always have hope and complete trust in him.

No matter how bad you have messed up, Christ will always offer hope and love to you. No matter how bad we are, God never changes. Even when our love for Christ has changed, his love for us will never change. We may give up on God, but God will never give up on us. If it wasn’t for God’s grace, I could not be where I am now. I am not perfect nor close to perfect, but God’s grace is more than enough for you and me. His mercy allows us to let go and overcome our past and problems.

Christianity is not about being perfect, but striving to be more like Jesus everyday. It is all about experiencing God’s grace and love and sharing it to others. Don’t ever doubt God’s love for you. Understanding God’s love for us is key to a strong and growing foundation for our relationship with God. It brings perseverance, strength, hope, and faith in him. We need to love God and understand his love for us to be able to use his love as a refuge for strength in our life. If all else fails, his love for us will never fail and we can always depend and trust our lives onto him. His love is enough for all of us. So remember, God’s love is the only love that knows no end. 

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