Are You Focusing On The Right Thing?

by | Aug 19, 2016

We all have the choice of where we place our focus and attention to in life. There are many responsibilities, tasks, and relationships that we value, but which should we focus on? Your choice of focus will determine whether you will have a life that is desirable, or one that misses the mark. Are you focusing on the right thing?

Recently, I’ve been caught up with my things to-do list that just never seemed to end. Each day I found myself crossing off things I had to do, but the the time that I had didn’t seem to be enough for me to finish all that I had to do.

Each day was like a race with time, using every second that I had. I was busy with my full time job, starting my own Christian clothing line, blogging, and studying for my bible class.

But there was one thing that I neglected to do that should have been my priority on my things to do list, and that was my time alone with God.

It wasn’t that God was displeased at my works for him, but he was displeased with where I was placing my focus on in life. I became so focused on my work for him that I started cutting short my time with God. Even doing things for God can displease God when it becomes of greater importance than God himself.

I was so excited with starting my Christian clothing line that all my focus was placed on that. I thought that my works would fulfill me with joy and peace, but the more I focused on what I needed to do, the more I was overwhelmed with burdens and worries.

What caused these unnecessary burdens and worries? It was because my heart was focused on the wrong thing.

It can be easy for us to believe that our jobs and careers will fulfill us, or that our marriages will fill us with satisfying love, but the truth is all these blessings can only come from God. We want a good job because we are seeking for security, but security only comes from God. We want to get married because we want love, but fulfilling love only comes from God.

When we focus on other things, we loose sight of the real blessings that come from God. Our works cannot provide us security, peace, joy, hope, and all the other desires we have in our hearts. All these things can only come from God, who brought together the works in our lives.

James 1:17 says, “Every good gift comes from above, coming down from the father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” We must focus on the giver of the gifts, and not the gifts themselves because the source of blessings comes from the giver.

When we focus on God, our hearts become opened to receive the blessings that he has for us. Blessings do not only come in monetary forms. God’s blessings include his faithfulness in our lives, his peace in our hearts, his loving voice in our ears, and his bursting love in our souls.

When we place our focus on God, it opens our eyes to see his faithfulness, our ears to hear his loving voice, and our hearts to receive his unconditional love.

That is what I call a blessing.

God has so much that he wants to pour out in your life, but are you giving him room to pour into your life? Are you focusing on him? Your works were never made to please you – only God was made to please you.

Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Jesus Christ.” God has all you need, but you must keep your eyes focused on him so that you can follow his path that will lead you to a desirable and blessed life. So remember, are you focusing on the right thing?


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