Do Not Be Afraid

by | Dec 28, 2015

We all have our own definitions of what fear is to us, but no matter what our fears may be, no one likes fear. So how do we live a fearless life? Is it possible to live life with not a single fear lingering in our hearts?

Fear is one of the main factors that drives our actions. Where does fear lead you in life? Who do you turn to in the midsts of your fears? For me, my fear led me to lies that I believed would take away my fears. I eventually found out that my lies never took my fears away, rather they made my fears sink deeper into my heart.

So how did my fears go away? Through Christ.

Instead of trying to fix my problems and fears by myself, I took them to Christ. I confessed my fears and asked him for guidance. Once I gave Christ control over my life, my problems slowly disappeared and every fear that I had was taken away.

Psalms 34:4 says, “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” When you take your fears to Christ, he takes them away from you. Don’t be afraid to turn to Jesus because he is only here to love and help you. Jesus is here to replace your fears with his peace.

It is ok to have fear, but let your fears bring you closer to God, not farther away from God. I made the mistake of letting my fears drive me farther away from him, which only hid my fears deeper in my heart. But once I allowed God to take control of my fears, he took them all off of my hands and slowly through Christ, I found that every fear I had was a lie that only came from Satan.

Satan wants to use your fear to drive you away from God, but God wants to use your fear to drive you closer to him.

When we come to Jesus, we no longer have to be a slave to fear because fear will then be a slave to Jesus. Fear will no longer take a hold of us because Jesus has already taken a hold of it.

Don’t be afraid to approach Jesus because he wants and expects us to come to him with our fears. Usually when we report our bad mistakes to higher authority or to those we love, we become afraid of their possible harsh response or reactions.

But with Jesus, we do not have to be afraid to approach him. Many times in the bible Jesus tells us to not be afraid. When Jesus first met Mary and Mary Magdalene after he rose from the dead, the first thing he said to them was, “Do not be afraid..” (Matthew 28:10).

When we approach Jesus with our mistakes, we do not need to be afraid because he is there to take away our mistakes, not to point at them. Jesus is there to take away our fear, shame, guilt, pain, and sin. He will never be there waiting to point at your mistakes, but only to show you that his grace is enough to fix your mistakes.

If you don’t know Jesus today, I encourage you to get to know him because he will change your life. However if you do know Jesus, is he someone you turn to in the midst of your fears?

Jesus wants you to come to him with your fears because he wants to be there for you. So is it possible to live a life with no fear? The answer is yes, and it is only through Christ. There is nothing in this world that can permanently take away every fear you have in your heart. The only guarantee you have is Jesus.

Turn to Jesus and you will find that he will take care of all your fears. No matter how much anyone loves you, no one loves you more than Jesus does. He simply exists for you. So remember, do not be afraid, just turn to turn to Jesus.

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