Get Ready, Get Set, and Go

by | Mar 30, 2015

“Am I good enough for this? Can I really do this?” Do these questions sound familiar? Have these words been whispered by your own lips? I’m sure many of you as well as myself have gone through self-doubt. We all know ourselves more than anyone else, which includes realizing our strengths and weaknesses. However, there is someone out there who knows you more than you know yourself and that is God. Have there been moments when you doubted your own capabilities in who you were and where God has called you to be? Doubted the opportunities that God has given to you?

I recently experienced this myself. I had an interview with Pepsico and passed the first round and was accepted to the final round. It was a 2 day event held at the Marriott hotel where all the candidates were treated with dinner, then followed the next day with 4 round interviews. I was excited coming to the event, as this was a new experience for me. However, when I got to the hotel and met all the candidates, all my excitement died away and only fears and doubts existed in my heart. I found out that all the candidates were all engineer majors and I was the only business major in the room. I felt swallowed up by all my fears and asked God, “God can I really do this?” How could I even do comparably well when my own capabilities don’t match up to these other candidates? But at that moment I learned one thing. I learned that it was God who had opened this door for me and brought me this opportunity. Why would I look at others and compare myself to others when it was only through God that I was placed here? My focus should have been on God and not the other candidates.

Don’t qualify yourself, but let God qualify you. God’s favor can do more than your own strengths and capabilities. If you only lean on what you know and have, then you can never go far in the plans that God has for you. God has great plans for your that even you mind cannot fathom. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, “What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” No one can imagine or do the things that God is capable of doing, so never limit yourselves to your own capabilities.  Let God set your limits.

The story of David and Goliath is a great inspiration for all of us. If David had only relied on his own strengths and allowed his capabilities to limit him from the plans that God had for him, he would never have been able to accomplish what God had planned for him. David never trained and was not even close to being a strong fighting warrior. If David had compared and qualified himself to other warriors, he would never have had the courage to go against Goliath. But because he focused on God and knew that it was God who gave him the opportunity, he did not bother to look around or at himself. Instead, he looked only to God. He knew that it was God who brought him there, and he allowed God to qualify him. It wasn’t because of how great David was that he could defeat Goliath, but it was because of how great God was.

Whenever you face a challenge where you feel that you are under-qualified, do not focus on yourself or others, but focus on God. Because it is only by God and through God that you can have the opportunities and succeed. When you block your mind with your own capabilities, you block the great potential future that God has for you. Be like David and don’t turn to other things to be your reasoning. Let God be your reasoning and let his power work through you. When you surrender your life to God, you will start to see amazing things happen in your life that you never could have imagined. You can do great things only because of God.

So remember, in whatever God has called you to do, and wherever he takes you in life, remember to get ready, get set, and go.

Do you have any experiences of self-doubt that you would like to share? Comment below!
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