How To Have More Miracles

by | Jan 19, 2016

Have you ever wondered why some people have more miracles happening in their lives than others? We all would love to have more miracles, but is it in our control? Can we have more miracles in our lives?

The first question we must ask ourselves is how do miracles happen in the first place? Miracles happen when we choose to take the path of faith in Jesus. Jesus performed many miracles during his time on Earth, and even until today miracles are still happening through Jesus Christ.

We tend to think that miracles are determined by God, but did you know that you also take part on whether a miracle happens? Miracles happen from you. God has a handful of miracles for us, but we have the power to block God’s miracles from happening when we choose our way instead of his way.

If you keep choosing your own way, then you will only get the results of doing it your own way. But if you choose God’s way, then you will have the results of God’s way in your life.

My friend was telling me a couple weeks ago how he had to miss his first day of class due to his vacation trip overseas. The class had a rule that if you missed 1 day of class, you would fail the class and this same class would not be available until a year later. He had 2 choices that he could make: tell his professor the truth but risk failing the course, or lie and ask his friend to take attendance for him.

Many of us would instantly say, choose the second option! And at that moment, I was also considering the second option as well. But then it occurred to me, if my friend never chose the first option which was to tell the truth to his professor, he would never give God the opportunity to perform a miracle in his life.

We can’t always depend on our common sense and follow what logic says, because God works in supernatural and unexplainable ways. In this particular situation, God could have softened his professor’s heart and allowed his grace to pardon my friend’s absence. But because my friend chose his way of allowing his friend to pretend to be him, he was never able to see the power and beauty of God’s miraculous ways.

If we are not careful, we too can take away opportunities that God had planned to allow his miracles to happen. The truth is, we have the power to block miracles that God has prepared for us. We have to be careful to not let our commonsense get in the way of choosing what God wants us to do.

There are many opportunities in our lives that God wants to use as a chance to show his glory and miraculous power, but we take away those opportunities from God by choosing to do things our own way instead of his way.

God wants us to have as many miracles as we can! Why does God love miracles? Because miracles bring all the glory and credit to God–nothing else. Miracles can only be accredited to God because they are the results of supernatural powers.

The definition of a miracle is, a surprising event that is not explainable by nature or scientific laws and is therefore the work of a divine agency – this divine agency is God. God loves letting miracles happen because when they do happen, all the glory goes to him; no common sense can stand to explain God’s miracles.

So why would we think that God would want less miracles to happen in our lives? It is not God who limits the miracles, but us who limits them. 2 Corinthians 1:20 says, “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.

God has many promises and blessings for us in the bible that were made for us, and according to this verse, they are all Yes in Christ. But it is up to us whether we choose to live by faith to attain all the miracles God has prepared for us.

It is our faith that opens the door for miracles to be poured out upon our lives. Acts 3:16 says, “Through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed–and you know how crippled he was before.” If faith was needed to bring healing and miracles back then in the presence of Jesus, then how much should faith be needed now?

If we never live by faith, then we will never get the chance to see God’s miracles in our lives. How can we attain God’s miracles?

1. Let go

2. Have faith

3. Believe without seeing

To see God’s miracles in your life, you must let go of your situations and let God handle them. Have faith that God’s way is better, and sustain your faith by not believing in what your physical eyes see. In my friend’s situation, the minute he refused to let go and let God was the minute he refused the path of faith.

The moment we refuse to let go of our situation to God is the moment we lose the possibility of an amazing miracle from God.

If life was only based on scientific laws and common sense, then there would be no need for God because then, everything that was common sense would be the only possibility of truth. But we have to remember that God is there to do what is exactly impossible to do.

Miracles can happen and have happened. To have more miracles in our lives means to let God take over our lives more.

Taking the path of faith means you will not know what will happen, but it is through your blindness that you will be able to see through God’s eyes. Faith does not mean trusting God 50% and the other 50% trusting our common sense; faith means to trust God 100%. You have to choose to either trust God or your common sense.

Let go of what you know for what God knows. Letting go and trusting God is definitely hard, but it will pay off because faith produces miracles! God has amazing miracles in his hands for you, but he is waiting for you to surrender and open your hands to receive his miracles. So remember, you are the source for having more miracles.


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