How To Stop Depression

by | Dec 1, 2015

Have you ever been piled up with failures and disappointments that led you to depression? How can an imperfect world that constantly fills us with disappointment bring us satisfaction and joy? Is it possible to stop depression while living at a world that will never live up perfectly to our expectations?

Not only can this world disappoint us, but so can our loved ones. So how do we stop depression?

I have recently been struggling with depressing feelings that I have kept inside for a while without even realizing it. I have been trying to submit my blogs to a magazine website that my friend referred to me, but that plan did not end the way I wanted.

I got a response back and they gave me suggestions to improve my blog for re-submitting. So, I revised and submitted with full hopes that this time I would get accepted. But until now, no answer back. I felt sad on the inside, but tried to forget about it and focused on writing new blogs to overcome this failing feeling I had on the inside. I did everything I could to overcome my depression, but found myself only deepening the depression.

What really became the climax of my depression was when I asked my boyfriend what he thought of my blog from reading it that morning. His response was, “I actually forgot what you wrote about.” It was at that moment when I felt like I was at the bottom bit of my failures and disappointments.

I believed that I had failed as a blogger and was close to stopping everything that was originally my passion and dreams. I prayed to God and it was then that he revealed to me my mistake.

When we are at a depressing state, we tend to put the blame on others and not see fault in ourselves.

We believe that it was something or someone else that caused us to be depressed, but in reality, depression comes from us.

What went wrong here? I was no longer writing for God, but writing for the approval of others. I gave my decision to be happy to the hands of others – not God. My blog started from my passion to glorify God and to satisfy him, but it turned to satisfying myself and others.

Doing things to satisfy yourself can also depress you because even you cannot satisfy yourself. You were made to satisfy God, and God was made to satisfy you. You will find yourself depressed if you live a life chasing your own dreams rather than God’s dreams for you.

I was reminded by God that I am writing not for the approval of others or of my loved ones, but only for the approval of God. When I write for God, I know that I will never be disappointed because he is never disappointed at the good works that we do to glorify him.

When I found myself trying to satisfy others, I was continuously let down because this world was never made to satisfy me. Only God was made to satisfy me.

When you depend on others for your happiness, you will always find yourselves on the other side of happiness because no one is perfect. The only one who is perfect and capable of giving you perfect happiness is God. Psalms 136:1 says, “Praise the Lord! He is good. God’s love never fails.” God’s love is the only promise you can depend on for your happiness. When you put your hope and joy in the hands of others, you are opening the doors of depression into your heart. However, God’s love for you will never leave you at a depressed state.

So how do you stop depression? It starts from you. Stop doing things to satisfy others, but do everything to only satisfy God. When you do things for God, you will always feel regenerated and joyful because that is God’s job – to fill you with love and joy.

Ask yourself this: Am I doing things to satisfy myself or God?

I was confused at first when my blog got rejected. I thought it was going to be the perfect blog because I even had a far friend personally message me how this blog touched her. I could not understand why the magazine company did not see my blog post the same way my friend did.

My blog was not accepted by the person who I wanted to accept it, but my blog did touch the lives that God wanted to be touched. Let go of your own expectations and plans because God’s expectations and plans are better. There is no need for depression because God is proud of what you are doing and he has his own special plan just for you.

I took my blog from God’s hands into my own hands and found that it didn’t bring me as much joy as when it was in God’s hands. Take your life out of your hands and give it to God; that will be the best thing that you could ever do for your life. So remember, God is the way to stop depression.


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