The Hidden Power of Humility

by | Feb 9, 2015

You have probably heard many times in your life about the importance of being humble. But have you taken it a step further and asked, why is it important to be humble? Many of us might think, why should I be humble and think low of myself? What is wrong with boasting about myself? There’s nothing wrong with boasting about yourself as long as it doesn’t get carried away, however, humility has more power than boastfulness and pride. Humbleness does not mean you have to think low of yourself, and it is also not about how much you show off to people. Being humble is putting others’ needs before your own. 

People value more to those who are humble rather than prideful, because it is not easy living a life of humility. As humans, our tendency is to love and boast about ourselves. But through humility, we will be respected more by people. Humbleness creates a pure heart; Pride does not. 

We should all follow the example of how Jesus lived. Jesus has been humble since the day of his birth. Although Jesus is the lord of lord and king of kings, he wasn’t born in a palace. He was born in a stable full of animals, the least place we would ever think of for a savior to be born. But God allowed this to happen because he values humility. God values a humble heart more than a prideful heart. James 4:6 says, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

Jesus lived a life of humbleness. He spent his whole live preaching the word of God, healing others, and saving lives. He came to this earth only for serving and loving others before himself. He died on the cross for our very own sins. Jesus has the same power as God, but he humbled himself. He is our best example of what true humility is.  Jesus didn’t have to go around bragging about himself to get people to follow him. Through his humbleness, people saw the true love of Jesus and everyone looked up to him even until this day. It says in Philippines 2:9, “Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name.”

There is hidden power under humility. People will value you more through your humbleness than your pride. I now realize the importance of humility in my life, and I am trying each and every day to be more humble. Not just being humble on the outside, but inside my heart as well. Putting the needs of others, family, and friends above my own. Even if you seem to be humble on the outside, ask yourself this: Are you really humble inside your heart and mind? Are you really putting others first before your own desires?

Proverbs 22:4 says, “True humility and fear of the Lord leads to riches, honor, and long life.” Humility will take you farther in life. So remember, the power of humility goes beyond pride.

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  1. Sophia Lorena Benjamin

    This was clearly one of the most easy to read, grasp and learn from explanation of humility. I truly enjoyed reading this and will need to keep looking it up in order to make sure it gets into my day to day living. Thank you so much for this beautiful share. Glad I scrolled through the internet today just searching for an explanation for such curious verses in the Bible. Hope to read more of you and stay in touch.

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