You Have The Power

by | Sep 14, 2015

Have you ever felt helpless and cornered out with no more clever solutions to your problems? Given hopeless prayers to God in desperation? When life gets tough, it can seem impossible to believe that you have the power to fix your problems. It can even be hard to believe that God himself has the solutions. But today I am here to tell you that you do have the power to save yourself.

So how do we gain the power of God in our lives? It requires 3 things:

1) Prayer

2) Living Word (Bible)

3) Claim and Believe

Maybe you have done all these things and have seen nothing happen in your life, but have you tried doing all these 3 things together? You need to do all 3 things together to experience God’s power in your life. You need to pray, speak the living word of God against the problems you face, and claim and believe that God will give you the power to overcome anything. You will gain nothing from just praying but not having any faith to back it up. At the same time, there is no power in claiming and believing in empty promises.

Romans 16:20 says, “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” You have the power to cast Satan away. It is through God, but by you that you can defeat satan.

The verse does not say will crush Satan under God’s feet, it says under “your” feet. God wants you to realize that you have the power to conquer Satan. It’s not enough to be scared and helpless and wait for God to defeat Satan. God can defeat Satan anytime, but he needs you to step up in faith and fight Satan yourself with God’s power.

Don’t let the lies of Satan make you believe that your job is to give helpless prayers to God. You are not weak because you have an almighty God as your source of power and strength. Don’t fight Satan with a hopeless prayer, fight him with a powerful prayer that is fueled with faith.

God has also given you the Bible as another source to fight your problems. Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the word of God is alive and active.” This Bible isn’t just any regular history book, it is a book that is alive to help you, and active to fight for you. Claim the living word of God and you will see it start to act upon your life.

Satan cannot stop God’s power, but he can stop your faith in God’s power. Do not lose hope in God’s ability to save you in any situation you face. Satan will try to bring doubts into your heart because he knows that it is your faith that fuels the power of God.

Jesus said it himself in Mark 11:24, “..whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Never doubt the ability of your faith, because that is a key factor in receiving the power of God in your life. Claim and believe in the living word of God and in your prayers and you will start to see God’s peace resting in your problems. Let God fill you up with his ever interceding power. So remember, you do have the power.

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